Sarah Reyneveld is a proven progressive leader and advocate. In her capacity as a 10-year Assistant Attorney General, Sarah has stood up to powerful interests and protected our environment, working people, and vulnerable populations. Sarah’s proven dedication to public service, deep roots in the community, and ability to bring together and elevate community voices will make her an effective champion. I am proud to endorse her for King County Council.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson
As a community leader and member of the King County Women’s Advisory Board, Sarah has a track record of working collaboratively with the County Council and our communities to develop and advance community-based solutions. Sarah understands that we cannot address the region’s homelessness and public safety issues without scaling up interventions, de-escalation, and services such as housing and behavioral health to address the root causes. She will be a bold progressive leader on the Council who is unafraid to grapple with and do the real work of problem solving and advancing transformative solutions. I am proud to endorse Sarah and look forward to working with her on the Council.
County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay
As a resident of the 4th Council District, I'm proud to endorse Sarah-- an Assistant Attorney General who holds polluters accountable, a longtime environment and transit justice advocate, and public school parent. Sarah will bring 15 years of experience crafting policy, legal and budgetary solutions to our most pressing issues facing our families and communities in King County. I have seen Sarah in action and am confident she is the proven, progressive leader we need to advance bold climate action and environmental justice, and improve public transit access for all.
Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz
Sarah's track record advancing progressive policy and budget solutions, and work with communities across King County make her the clear choice for King County Council. I have known Sarah for more than 20 years and seen her step up to deliver results on child care, housing, and transit, as well as economic and environmental justice. As my appointee to the King County Women's Advisory Board, Sarah has worked effectively with the Council and elevated community priorities to advance equity and justice. I can't think of anyone more prepared to serve on the County Council than Sarah, I am pleased to endorse her. Please join me.
County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles
"... transit riders would be best served with Sarah Reyneveld as their councilmember. Sarah’s responses to our questionnaire had the clarity and specificity belied by her years as a Ballard transit advocate. Her support for a King County Transportation Benefit District demonstrates her understanding of the urgency of King County Metro’s funding issues, and convinced us that she would fight for more than band-aids."
Seattle Subway
"Reyneveld's longtime experience in Democratic politics, community organizations, and legal advocacy distinguish her in this race."
5/5 Rating
Alliance for Gun Responsibility
A+ Rating
Fair Vote WA


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  • Fmr. King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg

36th District Democrats PCOs*

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Community Leaders

  • Hamdi Abdulle
    African Community Housing Development
  • Devon Adams
    Collective Justice*
  • Ethan Anderson
    36th District Democrat leader
  • John Amell
    Chair of the 10th LD Dems
  • Dawn Bennett
    Community Advocate
  • Karol Brown
    King County Women’s Advisory Board
  • Justin Camarata
    WA Conservation Voters Board Member*
  • Alan Charnley
    32nd District Democrats Executive Board Member
  • Julie Colehour
    Environmental Leader
  • Dr. John Comerford
    Washington Economic Development Finance Authority Board Member
  • Karen Cooper
    Former ED, NARAL Washington
  • Marcus Courtney
    Union Organizer
  • Robert Cruickshank
    Progressive Leader
  • John de Graaf
  • Dawn Dailey
    PCO 43rd LD
  • Lisa Daugaard
    Public Defenders Association*
  • Cindy Domingo
    Organizer and Community Leader
  • Lynn Domingo
    Community Leader
  • Leslie Dozono
    Early Childhood Advocate
  • Valerie Fisher
    Seattle Education Association
  • Maureen Frisch
    Community Arts Leader
  • Eleanor Kirtley
    Environmental/Maritime Leader (Green Marine Sr. Program Manager)
  • Ben Franz-Knight
    Community Advocate
  • Kristin Haugen
    King Conservation District Supervisor
  • Doug Howell
    Climate Protection Advocate
  • Kevin Hughes
  • Ronald Leamon
    Arts Community Leader
  • Jason LeBelle
    Arts Community Leader
  • Suzi LeVine
    Community Leader and Diplomat
  • Paula Lukaszek
    AFSCME Council 28/WFSE Treasurer
  • Pat McGah
    36th District Democrat leader
  • Patience Malaba
    Housing and Transit Leader
  •   David Mendoza
    Environmental Justice Advocate
  • Rene Murry
    Children’s Advocate
  • Barbara Oakrock
    36th District Democrat leader
  • Stephen Paolini
    Community Supporter
  • Saroeum Phoung
    Restorative Justice Leader and Peacekeeper
  • Noah Purcell
    Solicitor General
  • Elaine Rose
    Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest
  • Caitlein Ryan
    ED of the Cannabis Alliance
  • Preeti Shridhar
    Environmental and Community Leader
  • Jackie Siska
    Director at Large for the Junior League of Seattle
  • Janet St Clair
    Island County Commissioner*
  • Ginny Stevens
    36th District Democrat leader
  • Peggy Sturdivant
  • Joseph Szwaja
    Community Leader
  • Rebecca Vaux
    Education Advocate
  • Ken Willman
    Arts Leader
  • Mike Yestramski
    AFSCME Council 28/WFSE President
  • Oskar Zambrano
    Latino Community Fund*

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